Sécurité Routière supports Tour de l’Avenir
24 July 2020

The Tour de l’Avenir, organized next August, relies on a large majority of volunteers. In addition to the 150 “permanent” staff present throughout the entire event, 1700 signalmen will be counted over the 6 stages of the 2020 Tour de l’Avenir. A considerable post for the success of the race and the safety of the riders.

This year even more so, the social and supportive nature of the volunteers will be highlighted. Aware of the importance of these people, Sécurité Routière is committed alongside the Tour de l’Avenir by sponsoring the “safety” scheme. A yellow T-shirt will be given to each of the signallers as well as a specific guide and goodies.

With the aim of promoting safe cycling, the Tour de l’Avenir will disseminate various road safety awareness media for cyclists, but also for those who meet them on the road.

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